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Change is good until it happens

Updated: May 22, 2022

This past month our family has been on a massive journey of change.  At the beginning of the year we sat down and made plans, hopes and dreams for 2015.  We all said we just wanted to be where God wanted us to be.  We named our year ‘laughter’, prayed and celebrated the New Year together.  Then came February and the start of change.  I got a new job which meant that we would have to move house, move schools, say goodbyes and start again in a new area.  We were all so excited.  It was a job that I had felt called to for years and had been doing voluntary for many years.  But the excitement of it all was soon filled with anticipation, at times dread, sadness and ‘what on earth am I doing’ moments.

Why is it that we are so scared of change?

My eldest son has started his transition week today.  This is a relatively new concept in the UK where instead of thrusting a year 6 child into high school in September the way that I was; they are gently introduced to it over the course of a full week.  For most kids (and parents) the build up towards this week is full of worrying and preparing.  As a mum I made sure my son had a phone for emergencies (but a smart phone in case he is bullied for owning a brick); basic first aid skills; navigation skills; what to do in case of an emergency; how to get out of bed and out the house as well as eating breakfast, on time; what time he has to be home by…and the consequences of not doing so!

Just like the ever changing seasons we must learn to embrace the change

When I dropped him off this morning he looked so little in comparison with the other kids that were already at high school.  “Just tell me where you want me to drop you off” I say, knowing that if I got too close he might be embarrassed of his mum.  “Can you walk me in mum?” Was his reply.  My heart broke.  Every motherly instinct said “yes of course I can, and I’ll fight the bullies off who laugh at you when your mum walks in and when you pull out your brick of a phone” oh no, I’ve sorted the brick phone…I forgot about that!  However, my reply….”you can do this sweetheart.”  So out he got, walking across then road and then eventually running as he spotted a friend.

You see, all too often we don’t embrace change.  We say, wouldn’t it be good if…if only I could…  and we run away from it declaring that it’s too much work, or it doesn’t feel right at the moment.  Although my heart broke when I dropped my son off this morning, it was a moment that I’d been preparing him for all of his life.

God has been preparing me for what He wants me to do all my life too.  And although I sometimes feel a bit like my son…pushed out of the car to face the world on my own…God sits there, smiles and says…”it’s ok, you’ve got this.  I’ve been preparing you for this change all your life and I’ve got your back.”

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