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Parent Fuel: a move to a family filled with faith

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

You might have noticed that we have changed our name! Over the past couple of years, I have really become more and more aware of the shift in our culture. We have become faster and more ‘me-centred’. God, simplicity and family life is being squeezed out of every day life as we rush to earn more, be more, climb the ladder faster (social and corporate). We are all addicted to our phones and binge watching the latest Netflix series. This isn’t a judgment call, I struggle with these things too. So there is no wonder that most of us reach breaking point. We have forgotten what is important in life. And as parents, these issues are compounded even more as we weigh up the balance of working more to earn more to provide more.

Parent Fuel aims to help us all slow down and prioritise things of importance in our family life. We know that the make up of a family is so different from what it was just two generations ago. And although I have a heart for solo parenting, I also have a passion for all families.

A few weeks ago, my wonderful partner also proposed to me! So I am making the transition from solo parenting for the past 16 years, to fiancé, to married in the space of a few months. We are so excited, whilst fully in the knowledge that our lives, and the lives of our children, will be drastically changing in the forthcoming months. We definitely need pray and wisdom for this next season.

My aim is to share stories. My stories and your stories. To help bring some Godly wisdom to our families through unpacking scripture. And to help answer some of the cultural questions in a Godly way that your children or friends might ask you. I have produced resources and courses that you can run in your church setting. And I am also available to come and speak at your church or event throughout the year.

So Parent Fuel is for you. Whether you are on your own or married, have adopted children, fostered children, grandchildren or just a whole bunch of children that call you ‘Auntie’ or ‘Uncle’, I hope that you find something that helps fuel you in your parenting journey.

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