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My Dear Daughter....

Updated: May 22, 2022

From my baby bean to the beautiful young girl that you are today, I watch you grow.  I am so very proud of you and who you are becoming.  I am so very privileged to be your mum.  If I could give you any advice at all I would tell you to believe in yourself.  You don’t have to follow the crowd.  God made each and every one of us so very differently and part of our amazing adventure is to find out what we love to do and do it.  God made us all with a special gift and talent that not only makes us unique, but makes us happy!  So some of us love helping others, some love to cook, some love to write, some love to teach.  But once you find what you love I can promise you that work won’t feel like work.

Wait for your prince.  You will get many many frogs in disguise who think they are princess…they are not!!!  Remember, you are worth treating as a princess.  Frogs will disguise themselves as many things.  The handsome guy who you can’t take your eyes off, but who also can’t take his eyes off other girls around him.  The dark and mysterious brooding guy with the edge, who you believe you have the power to make him speak and break him out of his shell!  The guy with the heartache that you are just dying to save.  The guy that loves to drink and party, but also hides a secret of alcoholism and darkness.  Please find out who these frogs are before you try to kiss any of them.  No matter how hard you kiss, no matter how much you love them, you cannot change them into the prince your heart desires.

Do knights exist?

Your prince will catch you off guard.  He’ll be there when you least except it, when you aren’t looking.  But he’ll stay with you through thick and thin.  He’s the guy who believes that chivalry still exists.  Oh, and when he tries to put on your coat for you or open the door for you, don’t get all defensive and women’s lib on him…..that’s how he shows he loves you.  He’s the guy who will cook you your favourite meal, will wipe your brow through the times you are sick, celebrate your successes, surprise you by just being there unexpectedly.  Love doesn’t have to be flowers, presents, soft music playing in the background.  Don’t fall for the lie that love is like…the love that Hollywood tries to sell the world.  Love isn’t a big thing, it’s all the millions of little things that add up to show you that you are loved.

Please wait for your prince.  Find out who you are first.  Find out what makes you happy, what makes you special and unique.  You do not need a frog to fill the void that you think might be there.  The void only comes when you start kissing frogs!!!

I wish I would have been told these things.  I might not have gotten as hurt as I have been.  So my sweetheart I pray that you will grow strong, beautiful and wise.  And I pray that you find your happiness.  But no matter what your story turns out to be, know that I am here for you always, ready to celebrate your highs and hug out the lows.

All my love

Mummy X 

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