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Welcome to Parent Fuel. My name is Dawn and I have the privilege of being a mum to 3 children. I was a solo parent for over 16 years. I know that life as a parent can be hard. Like most parents I have up and down days. However, I choose, for the most part, to live my life as if it were an adventure.

I've recently got remarried and I am now part of building a blended family, which is very much an adventure, challenge and a blessing all in one.


We are a Christian family and so our faith is very central to who we are as a family.I am very passionate about parenting and living out a faith-filled adventure. I am also an advocate for justice and restoration and helping release people into all that God has created them to be.

Over the years I have worked with children, young people and parents in a variety of different settings. From trauma therapy sessions, to churches, to estates, to schools, I've seen and learnt a lot. I'm trained in how trauma impacts the brain, Mental Health, County Lines, Domestic Abuse, Children's Ministry and Evangelism & Apologetics. Most of all, I just love Jesus and have a burning desire for other people to love Him too

These pages are woven together from a rich fabric of real life stories. They are my stories, they are my friends stories, they are your stories. I don't have all the answers to life's parenting questions, but there is strength in learning to tell our stories.

My prayer is that these stories help fuel your own parenting journey.

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