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Grief in a changing world

The passing of the Queen and the installation of a new Prime Minister and cabinet has rocked the nation. Many of us as parents, may be finding it hard to manage our own emotions, let alone help navigate our own children through their grief. We are surrounded by the news of our nation. Last night, all TV channels were dedicated to the death of Her Majesty. Sending our children to school this morning means that they will be able to process some of this with their friends and teachers. But how can we as parents, help them authentically and honestly voice their concerns and grief?

1. The Lectio 365 app has a fantastic devotional this morning dedicated to the Queen's passing. Why not listen to that as a family.

2. Many churches across our nation will be open for people to come and pray, lay flowers and light a candle. Why not visit as a family.

3. Pray together. Pray for King Charles III as he steps into the role of becoming our new Head of State. And pray for our new PM as she steers the nation through very difficult times.

4. Many books of condolences have been opened across the world for Heads of States to write messages. Why not do something similar in your own home. Creativity like poetry or drawings can really help children of all ages express grief and uncertainty.

5. Be open as a family. Create spaces where everyone can wonder about the world around us. You do not need to have all the answers. Point them to a God who loves us in the midst of chaos.

We've been talking a lot at work about the period in the Bible where Joseph managed 7 years of famine. This almost seems like one of those times. New Government. New King. Be careful not to speak badly of either, no matter what we think of their policies. Speaking badly almost means that we don't have any faith in a brighter future or that God will comfort us through those times.

I am praying for each and every one of us. For wisdom and discernment and for the knowledge that God walks with us all in each and every season.

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