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In a world that feels more and more culturally-driven, Parent Fuel aims to equip parents to feel confident to become spiritual leaders in their own homes. Parent Fuel also aims to equip church leaders in how to intentionally reach out to families of all shapes and sizes, in their own communities with the Gospel.

We do this through writing, speaking, resources and courses and our social media presence.

Have a read through our blogs. We hope that some of these stories resonate with your own and give you courage to raise a Spiritually rich family.

How it started

Parent Fuel was started in September 2023. It was born out of a long project called SoloParentFaithAdventure. It's mission is simple. To help parents and church leaders in a culturally-driven world by speaking God's word in an accessible way.

We have a long-term vision to serve the church and it's people so that Jesus will be made known for many generations to come.

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